Upcoming Litters

Black Ice Retrievers announces three great litters for Fall / Winter of 2016!!! ALL three litters are outstanding proven litters.  References available

1st (Scooter & Jazz) Yellow & Fox Reds 3rd repeat breeding

2nd (Scooter & Fire) All Reds, 2nd repeat breeding

3rd (Buddy & Blast) All CHOCOLATES, also a 3rd repeat breeding

See Details on each litter below.


1st 2016 Winter Litter (Scooter & Jazz)

Taking 8 more deposits as of 10/23/16 Litter Due 12/15/16

GMPR HRCH Black Ice’s Super Super Sonic Scooter MH, QAA & QA2, OPEN ALL AGE WINS


GMPR HRCH Black Ices Risky Raider Smooth Grovin Jazz SH, MH3

DSC04132DSC01219 cropped

Jazz earned her HRCH title during the summer of 2015. Rusty Haglund of Trigger Time Kennels did such a terrific job with her foundation work, as did Mike of K and L Kennels with her GMPR work, it was easy for even an amateur like me to earn Jazz’s first advanced hunt test title. Jazz also earned her 1st AKC MH pass. Jazz is very intelligent and has perhaps the most natural 3 legged point you will ever see. In fact, she backs and other pointing dog in the upland field. How many pointing labs have you seen back other dogs?

In May of 2014, Jazz & Scooter had their first litter. The good Lord blessed us with 10 beautiful puppies of which 6 were Fox Red. We are hoping for the same in this repeat breeding. Scooter has offspring that have earned their AKC MH title at just 16 months of age. How is that for a stud passing on his intelligence? These pups from the 2nd litter will be great just like the pups from their first, and if you like Risky Raider, Jazz has his great blood on both side of her pedigree.



8 National Field Champion Titles
26 FC, AFC, CFC or CAFC’s
6 Additional QAA’s
12 AKC MH’s
7 AKC SH’s
17 Grand Master Pointing Retriever Titles
3 HRCH titles
6 CPR’s


Our 2nd Winter 2016 Litter (Scooter & Fire)
Taking just 2 more Male deposits as of 10/23/16 

 Litter due on 12/20/16

GMPR HRCH Black Ice’s Super Super Sonic Scooter MH, QAA & QA2 with OPEN All Age Wins


Black Ice’s Rainmakers Come On Baby Light My Fire SH MH3

Scooter                          Fire

Scooter needs no introduction as he is one of the top 5 FOX REDS in the country based on his proven intelligence and his PERFECT Health Clearances. Fire is the daughter of 4xGMPR GRHRCH HRK Rooster Smasher MH QAA, also one of the top 5 Fox Reds in the country.

Now you don’t have to decide on a pup from either Scooter or Rooster. With a pup from this litter you will get the best of both worlds. Be one of the first to own a pointing lab from two of the most accomplished FOX RED pointing labs in the country. Fire is an outstanding young talent. She is the best marking female we have developed since Scooter’s Mom, Black Ice. She was easily handling triples by 16 months of age and is a perfect statue on the line. She earned her SHR & JH titles going 8 for 8. She also earned her AKC SH title in short order. Fire has earned 3 Passes toward her AKC MH title. Our goal with Fire in 2017 is to complete her MH title & perhaps her GMPR.



15 National Field Champion Titles WOW!!!!!
44 FC, AFC, CFC or CAFC’s
6 Additional QAA’s
11 AKC MH’s
4 AKC SH’s
18 Grand Master Pointing Retriever Titles
1 GRHRCH & 4 HRCH titles



Buddy Spring Pups

” Buddy & Blast pups form their 2014 litter”


The 3rd – Winter 2016 Litter will be between (Buddy & Blast)

Taking just 5 deposits as of 10/23/16. Litter expected in late January 2017

HRCH Black Ice’s Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud “Buddy” MH, QAA

MPR HRCH Black Ice’s Pirate’s Cannon Blast from the Past MH MNH1


Black Ice's Blast








Buddy is one of the TOP CHOCOLATE prospects in the country. He is the product of 4 generations in a row of “chocolate” FC / AFC’s in a row: 
(Barracuda Blue, Blue Ryder, Louisiana Roux, & Ammo). Buddy earned 27 Hunt Tests passes by 23 months of age. He also earned his QAA with a first place win and ran in his first All AGE OPEN Field Trial at just 2 years of age.

Buddy has the same exact parents of Ammo in (Tyra & Roux). Ammo is perhaps the greatest Field Trial dog in the history of the AKC. In 2014 Ammo accomplished the following:
– She won the 2014 Canadian Amateur National Field Championship
– She won four Double Headers in the USA, no other dog ever won four in a single calendar year
– She broke the female single season ALL AGE POINT record in the USA
– She broke the male single season ALL AGE POINT record in the USA with 96 points.
– She won the 2014 Purina Amateur High Point DOG AWARD

Blast, our chocolate female in her own right is in the midst of a record setting hunt test career. Blast is one of the youngest chocolate females to have earned her AKC MH title which she did at the young age of just 19 months & 10 days of age. Blast is also a Master Pointing Retriever. She like our Buddy has an outstanding pedigree. Pups from their 2014 litter are already doing advanced work and one male earned his HRC HR title at 12 months of age. Buddy also has a male who earned his AKC SH title at 12 months of age.

Buddy & Blast had 10 healthy puppies in their first litter. God willingly she we have another large healthy litter.



17 National Field Champion Titles …. AMAZING
61 FC, AFC, CFC or CAFC’s
4 Additional QAA’s
12 AKC MH’s
2 Master Pointing Retriever Titles
23 GRHRCH titles….WOW
5 HRCH’s