Thanks To K&L Kennels

Where does one start when the expression of your gratitude goes beyond mere words?

More than six years ago now, a mutual friend introduced me to John Koenig and Mike Lettau who make up the K&L of K&L Kennels. I had just started a new job and was in the midst of personally training my rising star, Reno’s Black Ice. I knew the jobs requirements were going to require that I spend 90% of my time some 4.5 hours away in California every week.

I needed someone who could pick up where I was. Someone whom I could trust. Someone who would work with ICE 6-7 days a week, every week. I found that someone in John Koenig. What I found in that someone was a life long friend. Someone who would treat Ice as if she was his own. Most people think John does owns her. He can’t help himself when he says, “That’s my dog.”


Ice & Mercedes

Three of my girls: Mercedes, Taylor, & Ice.

At times I have to remind myself that she is my dog. But anyone who has pursued hunt or field tests titles knows the sacrifice that goes with the absence of your best friend.

K&L Kennels is also to be thanked for helping me recognize Black Ice’s unlimited potential. Not just as a pointer, but as a dog with an incredible intelligence, uncanny marking abilities, and the memory of two elephants.

When we shifted Ice from being handled by John to Mike Lettau, I realized that Ice was off to the big leagues. Mike has a work ethic that is second to none. He arrives every day at the Koenig family farm/kennel before the sun is even thinking about coming up. K&L is a smaller operation so there are no hired hands to set up that mornings marks, or catch ducks, or feed the dogs, or set out the wingers etc. There may be a friend of Mikes at his side but Mike’s dedication to his client’s dogs, Mike’s dedication to my Black Ice is perhaps even stronger then I could give her myself. Those words were hard to write, but when it’s the truth they must be said.


Mike & Scooter

Mike & Scooter

Mike and John, I can never thank you enough for all the great times we have had and for all the help you have given me. Without the two of YOU, this website would simply be a dream. I look forward to a lasting partnership but darn it anyway, I do wish it wasn’t 542 miles from my place to yours.

Whether 542 miles or 742 miles, you guys mean the world to me, Readers need to know, that I pass by dozens of professional trainers to have the Ice machine in the right environment with the right handlers.

The next time your at one of our many events (see our Up coming events page) stop by the K & L silver or white Chevy truck and say hello to a couple of the best, John and Mike.


Mike & Scooter

Mike & Scooter

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