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“ As 2015 comes to a close…….” 

….. I wanted to take a moment to thank those who continue to make a huge difference in my life by supporting me in my passion to develop the best pointing Labrador blood lines possible. First I have to thank our Lord for his continued Blessings on our program. For without Him, I am nothing.

Secondly, I would like to thank Rusty Haglund of and his staff Richard & Brandon. After our pups graduate from our puppy head start program, Rusty takes them in to be force broke and begins to teach them to handle. Rusty is one of the best young dog trainers in the country. He typically runs AKC & HRC Hunt Tests but as run a few Qualifiers with our young dogs. Then I would like to thank Rob & Cindy Erhart of for all their dedication & hard work. Rob & Cindy are simply two of the nicest folks on the planet. They take our Master Hunter’s and transition them into QAA, QA2 & Field Trial Champions. I look forward to teaming up with Rob in Texas in the Spring of 2016 as I begin to pursue Buddy’s AFC title.

Finally, I would like to welcome & thank our newest PRO TRAINER. Special thanks to Jim VanEngen & Craig Crook of Jim & Craig are two of the best young Field Trial developers in the country. Jim’s program has yielded some 12 National Field trial champions. 12!!!! Simply amazing. Black Ice Retrievers Glory & Praise to Our God, “Glory” started with Jim & Craig in October of 2015. Glory is the Ammo x Tubbs pup we contracted for years before she was born from Ammo’s owners, Bill & Mickey Petrovish. Special thanks to Bill & Mickey for the great started dog work they accomplished with Glory. Glory has a drive unequal to puppies of her age. She is an outstanding marker and we really look forward to her young development.

Glory pic for recent news page 2015

“Glory & Praise to our God” – Our Ammo x Tubbs Pup

In our typ­i­cal fash­ion we com­pleted a very com­pet­i­tive sea­son here at Black Ice Retriev­ers. From 2012 through the end of 2015 combined, we ran in over 400 events/stakes across AKC Field Tri­als in US & Canada, AKC Hunt Tests, HRCHunt Tests, APLA Point­ing Lab Hunt Tests, BDC & UFTA Shoot to Retrieve Events. We even had an ICE pup win the 2013 Dou­bles BDC World Cham­pi­onship. Con­grat­u­la­tions to “Breeze” and her proud owner Steve Fos­ter.

Besides one of Ice’s pups win­ning the World Cham­pi­onship, we also had another solid Field Trial & Hunt Test season. The following is a sum­mary of our dogs 2015 accomplishments:

– Scooter qualified for the Canadian National Field Trial Championships – Scooter also qualified for the 2015 US Master Nationals passing 6 MH tests within 60 days. – Buddy earned his first two All Age Placements, Congrats Rob!

– Blast passed 6 of 7 AKC Master Hunt tests to also quallify for the 2015 Master Nationals – Blast passed the 2015 Master Nationals in October in South Carolina. Thanks Rusty

– Blast as of 12/6/15 is already qualified for the 2016 Master Nationals. See you in St. Louis! – Jazz earns her HRCH title & passes the 1st AKC MH Test she ever attempted – Fire earns her AKC SH title and was breed to our Scooter (Pups due in late Feb/2016) – Young Glory transitions to Right Start Kennels in October – Chevi, another fox red female of ours started her formal training in December at Trigger Time Kennels.

Ice Ice Baby - The One That Started It All

Ice Ice Baby – The One That Started It All

At Black Ice Retrievers we just don’t say what are bloodlines have accomplished in the PAST… we go out and put it on the line almost every week­end to show what our upcom­ing cham­pi­ons are truly made of. How many ken­nels, point­ing labs or oth­er­wise, can you find that will show­case their young future breed­ers across a 100 stakes/events in each of the last four sea­sons? NOT MANY!! We also have one of the high­est Pass/Fail per­cent­ages you can find and our dogs continue to be some of the youngest dogs at these events week in and week out.

Great blood lines, ded­i­cated train­ing and a work ethic sec­ond to none…. still go a long way when developing great young champions. Learn more about each of these inspir­ing Cham­pi­ons on their seper­ate pages under OUR DOGS FEMALES and OUR DOGS MALES. Have a blessed 2016 and we hope to see you at a trial or hunt test in the near future. God Bless!