At Black Ice Retrievers we are working towards producing a true “any purpose” Labrador. Whether your game is Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Shoot to retrieve Series for cash or you want that once in a life time bragging rights retriever you can impress your buddies with in the duck blind, our blood lines will exceed you every expectation. Maybe you desire that natural pointing lab with that bone chilling point. Or perhaps you’re like me, who demands all of the above in a single dog.

Ice & Her Awards at Age 4

Ice & Her Awards at Age 4

Not possible you say? For the majority of brands / kennels you are correct. Over the past decade we have set the bar for which others are now chasing. We have proven our brand by setting multiple records in Hunt tests & in Shoot to Retrieve series. Records accomplished by dogs in our breeding program that may never be matched again. We compete & succeed at all levels week in and week out. Why just over the three summer months we will compete in 28 different Field Trials & Hunt Tests with 3 dogs all over the Mid-West. This is not counting the shoot to retrieve series we will compete in this summer with 3 other dogs. Simply said, we walk the talk.
So why do we compete so much? Why do you put so much time, effort and $ into every single dog in your program? Why not just do what most kennels do and lower your overhead so you make more money?
Because we purposely walk the road less traveled. I was raised and still believe there is no substitute for hard work. Giving it 110% is all we know. We don’t compromise our goals just to earn a buck.

Scooter at 22 months

Scooter earned 3 Titles from 3 different types of Hunt Tests at 6 months old
Scooter had 8 titles at 22 months: SHR, CPR, JH, APR, SH, MH, MPR, & GMPR.
2 months of training later his QAA

Now at age 56 I have roughly 10 more years until I can retire. 10 more years to continue developing our brand one decision at a time. So we are developing our legacy, our brand, one puppy, one litter, one field trial, one hunt test, one stud choice, one decision at a time.

So what are you looking for in a retriever?

Our goal is simple. We are producing some of the healthiest, most intelligent, labs with superior senses of smell you can find. But we don’t just say our Studs & Dams are intelligent. We prove out each and every dog’s intelligence that enters our breeding program.
How? By training our dogs to become the best versions of themselves. We train our dogs to at least AKC Master Hunt level and APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever level. These titles are not achievable by every dog especially before 2 years of age and any reputable pro trainer will tell you the same.
We could certainly lower our standards like most lab kennels and simply just breed dogs from good bloodlines that are not accomplished themselves. Or we could throw a junior level title on a pup and claim it’s as smart as the “well titled” dogs in its pedigree like a great number of kennels do. But that is simply not good enough for Black Ice Retrievers. We are committed to establishing a premier brand of pointing labs that will for long be recognized for our superior health, intelligence & versatility.
If an individual dog doesn’t impress us, we simply don’t promote it into our breeding program. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most and it is evident based on the records we have set to date.
From a health perspective, our dogs are 100% clear of CNM & EIC. Our dog’s hips are evaluated by the OFA as Good or Excellent. Our dog’s Eyes & Elbows are also evaluated and must receive Normal ratings.
I have been training and working with Labradors and lab breeders for my personal use for over 30 years. My experience and research of more than three decades goes into every decision we make. What dogs to breed to, what dogs to buy and just as important what programs and kennels to stay clear of.
All Labradors are NOT created equal. I have no less than 20 kennels /& or pro trainers that I work with to make sure my research is validated from multiple sources before I render a decision. If I don’t have the lab you want, chances are, I can find one that will meet your expectations from a kennel you can trust.
We are refining a line of labs that have superior noses and bird drive yet they have the trainability for hunt test & field trials as well. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t that speak to a high percentage of labs?” Not to the levels of our standards when it comes for example in our upland work. Our dogs have indicated birds at distances of over 100 yards and some of our “natural” pointing labs have so much point in them they actually “back” all other pointers at first sight.
Now how many pointing labs have you seen naturally back other pointers of any size, color or breed?
Our hope is to provide you with a long lasting family working companion that will give you a life time of memories, the way our dogs have for us for over 30 years. If you are interested in a well bred, healthy, very intelligent, honest natural pointing lab, then look into our Upcoming Litter page.

Scooter puppy

 Just one of hundreds of pups sired by Scooter
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Perhaps you have similar requirements for a Labrador and are ready for a bragging rights pointing lab. There are leaders in this industry and there are followers. Give us a call and see how & why we are setting the bar in today’s Pointing Lab market.
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