March 22, 2011
65 lbs.
AKC Pedigree
  • UKC Reg#: R189-053
  • AKC Reg#: SR67860902
  • OFA Hips: Excellent LR-202776E24M-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: Normal LR-EL58382M24-VPI
  • CERF: Normal LR-EYE1520/24M-VPI
  • EIC: D11- 027127 – Clear
  • CNM: Clear via parentage

Buddy’s full registered name is Black Ice’s Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud “Buddy”. Buddy’s breeder & good friend, Deb Wehner of Santa Fe Pointing Labs in Rogersville MO, always calls me and most every guy, Buddy. My daughter wanted to name him Mud Bud… thus the name Mud Bud “Buddy”.


Buddy at 3 Months

We waited along time for this exact pick. Basically we waited for three years. We were not sure there was even going to be a 4th breeding. At one point and time there were 17 names on the list before ours. SO, yes Buddy is the EIC Clear pick male from the 4th breeding out of the famous pairing of Tyra & Roux.

What makes Tyra & Roux famous you ask? Well, first in their own right they are two well accomplished chocolates. Santa Fe’s Contender Tyra is a Grand Master Pointing Retriever as well as an AKC Master Hunter and Frank Price’s FC AFC Wing Magic’s Louisiana Roux MH are two of the best. If that weren’t enough a Pup named AMMO from their first little has become one of the all time great Field Trial dogs ever to have played the game.

Upon the Wings of an Answered Prayer – AMMO became the 2009 AKC Derby National Champion. AMMO tied a record for Derby wins with 18 but Ammo shattered the all time old point total of 109 Derby points by 35 points.(Aging out with 144 Derby points) Ammo’s success continued this year as she earned her CFC & CAFC titles in literally a span of just 8 days. In her first year of All age Field Trials she also qualified for the 2012 US NARC. Unbelievable to say the least.

So, YES Buddy is from the identical parents as Ammo and he is showing us great potential both as a Field Trial dog and as a pointing lab. Buddy is very intense. From 6 weeks of age on he only wanted to do three things; Eat, Retrieve and please me. He took a lead and went for a walk at just 43 days old. He has a stare that can burn a whole in you. Even at 10 weeks in the front yard working on his extended sits he could stare right through you looking for his next command.

Rusty & Buddy

Buddy at 16 Months with Rusty Haglund of TriggerTimeKennels.com

Buddy went 8 for 8 earning his HRC SHR title and his AKC JH titles and on July 8th, 2012 will run in his first AKC SH test. He is both a good marker and blind runner. At 15 months of age we are very pleased with his progress.  Like his future Chocolate mate in Black Ice’s Pirates Cannon Blast from the Past, Buddy has a great pedigree himself with 13 FCs, 16 AFCs, 1 NFC, 4 NAFCs, 7 MHs & 1 GMPR across his 4 generation pedigree. Our Buddy & Blast should make quite the chocolate pairing some day.


Buddy at 13 Months

Buddy has a great work ethic for he will run marks & blinds all day long. There is no quit in this young boy. Our plans for Buddy are to earn his HRCH, GMPR, MH, QAA and then it’s on to Field Trials.

Keep track of Buddy’s progress this summer by checking back here or under our Recent News Page.