Scooter and Chevi litter due 9/18/2017

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One Dark Fox Red, 12 week old female available now.

Black Ice Retrievers is the Proud Home of… “SCOOTER”, the most decorated EIC Clear Grand Master Pointing Retriever in history.

Scooter now has earned both his First Place Open Win Qualifications toward his CFC & CAFC titles. He needs just 5 more points to earn both of these Field Trial titles.



  • Scooter qualified for both 2014 Canadian Nationals and became the first EIC Clear GMPR ever to do so.
  • Scooter has multiple Field trial placements in both 2013 & 2014 including his first OPEN WIN.
  • Scooter continues to turn heads in the US Field Trial circuit as well. His 2014 success continues as he has taken 3 more placements in a span of just 5 trials.
  • We are also very pleased to report that Scooters mom, Black Ice, as a GMPR, to our know knowledge has birthed more QAA dogs than any GMPR female in history. Ice now has three QAA offspring in Scooter, Vegas & Gabbie handled by Clint Avant.
  • We are also the proud home of multiple QA2 & QAA dogs
  • Multiple GMPR, MH & HRCH and more in the making
  • We are the only pointing kennel with 5 National Championships
  • We are the only pointing kennel with two “Dog of the Year Awards”
  • Some kennels speak about there dogs hunting abilities & intelligence while we prove it weekend after weekend in events across the US & Canada.

Indeed, we have been very blessed to say the least with some of the healthiest, intelligent pointing labs we could find. We have a support team of multiple awesome professional trainers / great friends, which share our unquenchable passion to help Black Ice Retrievers produce the most intelligent decorated pointing Labradors in the country.
We take that responsibility, investment and the extensive research that goes along with that goal, extremely serious. Sometimes we have waited close to three years across multiple repeat breedings just to get the exact one pick of the litter we desired. Such was the case in our selection of our developing Chocolate male named Mud Bud – “Buddy.”

BuddyHRCH Black Ice’s Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud “Buddy” MH QAA

If you’re interested in a pup sired by Buddy check out our “Up Coming Litters”page.


“Black Ice’s Rainmakers Come on Baby Light My Fire” born 06/7/13

I am originally from the “Show me state,” so seeing is believing. I grew up hunting ducks off of the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers in ST. Charles, Mo. where if your lab could not handle multiple marks and blinds, you and your dog were not invited back. We have some of the highest standards in the industry. While other lab kennels breed great grand children, grand children, & daughters of well accomplished dogs, we only have litters from dogs that are well accomplished themselves.
We prove that your puppy’s immediate parents are highly intelligent are we just don’t breed them like the majority of breeders do. Why do breeders promote puppies from unproven parents? Primarily two reasons; first they don’t promote the parent’s intelligence because it simply might not be smart enough to do advanced work and or the testing of the dog takes time, effort & investment.
BUYERS BEWARE! There are only two types of lab breeders; those that breed for quantity AND THOSE THAT BREED FOR QUALITY. You need to decide for yourself what type of buyer you are and then do your research.

Whelped Litter

Black Ice x Deuce litter of 8 whelped on 03/17/13

This industry is very competitive and you can buy a lab from just about any newspaper you pick up….but you get what you pay for. Our best customers are families who simply want the best possible dog for the dollar and take the time & effort to make the best informed buying decision possible.
Thank you for visiting our Web site. We hope you enjoy browsing all the details of our developing brand. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us. Our contact information can be found on the About Us page. May God Bless you and your families.